Robert C. Flores

President and Founder

Mr. Flores personally supervises all client activity. Mr. Flores has held positions at Price Waterhouse, Kemper Insurance and Teledyne Corporation.

Flores Financial Services believes in attention to detail and persistence, which is what our clients value most about the firm. In the words of one international banker, "A number of us who have tripped over one another in this business have found we have a common thread. It is Bob Flores." The current President of Bank One International Corporation, Darin Narayana said, "You think of Bob when you have a need for the right person and he works the way you want him to work!"

To contact Mr. Flores call (262) 248-2771 or e-mail

Bob Flores

Vice President/Director of Operations and Recruiting

Mr. Flores's past experience is in human resources, technology and marketing in the Midwest. Mr. Flores is a former business owner specializing in trade finance, trade services and marketing while maintaining interest in all other disciplines of the financial arena. Mr. Flores is our Director of Operations and Recruiting.

Mr. Flores can be reached at (262) 248-2771 or e-mail



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